Support Frequently Asked Questions

The Ascentive team wants to help improve your Android AutoClean experience. The following are some common questions that our users might have. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us via our Contact page and let us know.

   How do I begin using Android AutoClean?
A: To start using Android AutoClean, simply tap the Start Scan button on the Start Scan screen of the application. This will allow you to scan four different areas that could be affecting your phone’s performance. After running the scan you will see details for each category. Tapping on each category will allow you to perform the predefined actions necessary to improve your phone’s performance. To get back to the Start Scan Screen, simply swipe your finger to the right past all four different phone performance areas.
   How do I utilize the schedule function?
A: The Schedule function is built into our Recover Memory and Clean Clutter utilities. You may schedule your phone to close all applications or to delete your clutter files at a time convenient to you. To bring up the schedule function, tap on the vertical ellipsis in either the Recover Memory or Clean Clutter utility, tap Schedule, then set the schedule functions to your own specifications. You can set your phone to Recover Memory or Clean Clutter in several different ways, at several different intervals. When you have chosen your specifications, tap the Set Schedule button to apply the Schedule or clear a previous schedule by tapping the Clear Schedule button.
   How do I select all applications or files at once?
A: At the bottom right of your screen, you will notice a vertical ellipsis. Tap on this vertical ellipsis, tap ‘Select’, and then tap ‘All’. This will select all the items listed, after which you may kill, close or delete all the items selected.
   What is the difference between "Close" and "Kill" processes?
A: "Closing" an application will only temporarily close the selected application. "Killing" an application will close the application and then prevent it from re-opening when you restart your phone.
   How do I sort my applications?
A: At the bottom right of your screen, you will notice a vertical ellipsis. Tap on the vertical ellipsis, tap ‘Sort’, and then tap on the sorting option of your choice. Depending on the function you have selected you will be given relevant sorting options. Note: Tapping the same option twice will change the sorting order to ascending or descending.