All-in-one phone performance optimization

Unlike other apps that specialize in one aspect of your smart phone's performance, Android AutoClean has all of the performance-enhancing features all-in-one! Take a look at all the capabilities at your fingertips:

Recover Memory

Smartphones can run a host of background apps that slow down your phone, drain the battery and interfere with the data connection. Android AutoClean's simple Recover Memory screen will allow you to remove unwanted items that may be taking up space on your phone and slowing it down. You can even choose the duration of time that you want to remove these items, allowing you to reclaim more memory on your phone and improve its performance.

Tweak Startups

Android AutoClean can improve your Smart Phone's start up speed by allowing you to select which applications and processes you would like to open when your Smart Phone starts up.

Clean Clutter

Any time you make a call, send an email, or start a chat, your Android Smart phone makes a note of it. Not only can these files, called log files, slow down your phone's performance, but they are also open for anyone in viewing range of your phone to see. The Clean Clutter tool will help you to sort through and safely erase these log files on your phone, which can help boost performance and make sure your private information stays that way.

Recover Space

As users download more and more applications, they start running low on space to store these items. Android AutoClean gives you the ability to move your applications on to your storage card, freeing up more space on your phone. This feature not only allows you to move and backup items on your storage card, but also restore them to your phone.