Android AutoClean

Schedule your phone to automatically clean itself!

With our NEW Android App, you can improve performance,
reclaim memory, and save battery power in seconds!

Improve your Android Phone's Speed and save battery power

Easily move apps, photos, videos, and other files to your SD card

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Let your phone do the work!

With the Schedule feature, you can set the removal and closure of unnecessary apps and log files to run automatically, and continue experiencing top smart phone performance without lifting a finger!

Improve your Android phone's performance

The amount of memory and storage taken up by the apps and log files on your phone could surprise you. With four easy-to-use features and a scheduler function, Android AutoClean is a simple but powerful application that can help you reclaim important memory and space to improve overall performance of your phone.

Why is my phone getting slower and slower?

Smartphones can run a host of background apps that slow down your phone, drain the battery and interfere with the data connection. Android AutoClean can help sort through these memory-hogging apps and files and help restore your phone to its top performance.

Accelerate all your Mobile Activity!

Save battery life and minimize your Android phone's Battery Usage

Accelerate your phone's start-up speed

Easily backup your photos, videos, and other files

Keep others from observing your private information

When your Android smart phone is left unattended, all of your calls and chat logs are left wide open to anyone in viewing range. With the tap of a button, Android AutoClean can help to quickly and easily erase this often private information that is otherwise lying in wait for anyone to see.